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You must either own the rights to the master you bring to us for duplication or have permission from the owner. Our agreement to duplicate your discs is based on this. We reserve the right to refuse or halt any duplication job that we feel may violate copyright laws. To make sure there are no delays you should provide written proof of any applicable licensing agreement.

Even if you own the actual recording, you must still obtain permission to legally duplicate the songs you did not write, unless they are old enough to be in the public domain (generally 50 years after the death of the songwriter). In Canada licensing of most songs is handled by the CMRRA, ( and also by SODRAC (, although in some cases you may have to contact the publisher directly. If you go to the CMRRA’s site you can search for song names in their
database to find out if they handle licensing for the songs in question.

If you have any question specific to copyrights, please contact us at

Updated on March 30, 2007