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Why Put It On CD?
 We burn. We don’t press. Some people prefer pressed discs and there are plenty of places to get them, but not here. We only burn because that is the key to many of our other advantages...keep reading!

 We specialize. Most of the other local businesses burning CDs and DVDs also claim to to be specialists. But if you look beneath the surface, you’ll usually discover that their core business isn’t manufacturing. What they’re doing most of the time is running a recording studio, or videotaping weddings, or selling blank media or computer supplies. Nothing wrong with that. But we do manufacturing all day, everyday.

 We do short runs. Quantities as low as 25 copies. The pressing companies don’t like doing quantities of less than 500 discs, or less than 1000 covers.

 Speed: Most of our jobs are done in a week or less, in some cases within 24 hours. Check with us before you place your order if you have an urgent time requirement, and we’ll commit to meeting it if at all possible.

 No middleman. We make your discs and sell them directly to you. Some other companies say they do short runs, and then end up getting us to do the work, while marking it up substantially. You’ll never know. Buy direct from us and save.

 We do everything in-house. Most other CD companies send your job to a big factory in another part of the country, who in turn outsource the cover printing, the glass mastering, or who knows what. No wonder you can’t pin those guys down to a specific delivery time. By doing everything in house we can provide faster, simpler service, and we take full responsibility for every aspect of your job.

 What you see is what you get. We can make you one complete sample for approval before we run your job. The final product will be identical, because we make it the same way.

 Friendly, helpful service. Just ask some of our many customers.

 Free artwork check. When we receive your artwork we check it against our templates and minor problems are taken care of - free.

 Better disc printing. No paper labels or inkjet printing - we use only economical thermal printing or stunning Everest printing on our discs.

 Reliability. Over 20 years experience. Every crucial piece of equipment is backed up by a second machine so even in the event of a breakdown, we can still do your job. You can count on us.

 Top quality jewel cases - the same cases you get from the largest manufacturers.

 Satisfaction guaranteed. You must be satisfied, or we will make it right.