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DVD Duplication

Put It On CD duplicates on top quality media using only Plextor drives, widely considered to be the best drives available. Burn speeds are held to 8x for CDs, and 4X for DVDs, for maximum reliability. For data formats, each copy is verified against the master.
Disc Printing
We use only waterproof direct printing—no paper labels or cheap inkjet printing. Choose from the following two options.

Silver Disc


White Disc

Very economical, and adequate for text and simple graphics. Thermal printing can be done on silver or white discs, depending on preference. Large black areas in the artwork will expose printing flaws and should be avoided. Please note that photographic reproduction is poor when done with this method, so Everest printing should be used instead.

Click here to see more samples.

Black & White
(on Silver)


Black & White
(on White)

Full Color
(on White)



The ultimate disc print for photographic images. Even laminated inkjet discs can’t come close to the quality finish of Everest® printed CDs and DVDs. Full-color printing is done only on white discs to preserve color brilliance. Black & white Everest printing can be done on white or silver discs, depending on the look preferred.

Click here to see more samples.