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Cover Printing
Our covers and traycards are printed
digitally on high quality glossy paper
No setup charge for our disc covers, quantities as low as 25, with an overall cover printing quality and finish that approaches offset press.

For our cover printing services, we make sure your artwork conforms to our templates before we print it. Our digital cutter adjusts itself to the position of the print on each individual sheet of paper—producing a consistent, accurate cut. If the cover has folds, the cutter also precisely scores each sheet, so that the paper folds perfectly with no cracking. Traycards are perforated so the spines fold crisply. It all adds up to a professional finished cover that fits perfectly in the case every time.

We have 11 years of experience working with both professional designers and amateurs alike. We’re here to help. To avoid possible delays, please be sure to set up your artwork on our templates, and to review the Artwork FAQ/Help section.
Cover Printing Styles include the following:
These covers are used for both regular and slim style jewel cases.
Examples of our printed front covers can be seen above. The most common formats we do are 1 panel (no fold), 2 panel (1 fold), and 3 panel (2 folds). We also do stapled booklets with 4, 6, or 8 panels. More information about our jewel case cover formats can be found the CD Artwork section.

1 panel

2 panel

3 panel

4+ panels

There is some discrepancy in the industry as to what the word “panel” means. We consider a panel to be a flat piece of paper, and each printed side is a page. Some other CD manufacturers call each side of the sheet a panel—so what we refer to as a 1 panel, they call a 2 panel. If you’re comparing cover prices between companies, make sure you compare the same cover formats.

Our front covers are usually printed full color on both sides of the paper (4/4) but the 1- and 2-panel fronts can also be printed on one side only (4/0), at reduced cost, as our pricing calculator indicates.
These traycards are used only for regular style jewel cases.

4/0 tray card is printed in full color on one side and left blank on the other. It’s generally used with a black (most common) or white tray.

4/4 tray card is printed in full color on both sides. It’s generally used with a clear tray, so the artwork will show through the case.
An Amaray case is the most common DVD packaging, but is sometimes also used for CDs. The Amaray sleeve wraps around the whole case to form the front, spine, and back cover. View our Amaray sleeve template info.

An Amaray case has clips that can hold an additional insert on the inside. It’s a single sheet that can be printed on one side (4/0), or on both sides (4/4). View our Amaray inside insert template info.