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Company Profile
Put It On CD is one of Canada’s leading short-run CD / DVD manufacturers. We provide a complete one-stop duplication and printing solution that’s faster, friendlier, and more flexible than the large replication factories.

Our Mission
To create the world’s ultimate on-demand CD & DVD manufacturing service.

Background Information
Started in 1996, PUT IT ON CD MANUFACTURING was Atlantic Canada’s first CD burning service. In those early days, high costs made multiple copies very expensive, so the business focused mainly on transfer work from various audio and data formats. It was also heavily involved in audio editing & mastering. However, the word “manufacturing” in the name was an indicator of the direction the business was headed in.

Right from the start, Put It On CD featured direct-on-disc printing capabilty, and soon established itself as an essential part of the growing Halifax music industry. It also attracted CD-Rom business from a wide range of corporations near and far, including Intel and Microsoft.

As costs came down, and CD burning became commonplace, Put It On CD gradually moved away from transfer work and focused on low to medium volume disc duplication and printing.

As we approach our 20th year, our on-demand disc manufacturing service is expected to become increasingly relevant in today’s market.