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Getting a Project Ready
What we need to complete your project efficiently:

 A disc to copy.
Please provide a good quality master disc free of scratches or fingerprints and that has been checked. Please provide one disc that is ready to copy - please do not expect us to combine several discs, change the order, or make any other last minute changes.

For Music CDs - send us a regular audio CD that plays in a standard CD player, not mp3 files or wav files. The disc you send us should have been listened to from beginning to end to make sure it’s without flaws. Levels, track order, spaces between tracks, etc., should all be as you want them. Please label your disc (artist or band name and album title) using a soft permanent marker.

CD-Rom or DVD - the file structure on the disc should be as you require it. Please do adequate testing. The disc should be tested on several computers or players. We duplicate the disc structure exactly as it is.

Please note: We do not necessarily test your master in any way except to confirm that the copies are identical to the master.

 Artwork files.
Artwork should be setup on our templates, not those of another manufacturer. This is particularly important for the disc, since hub sizes vary. Don’t forget to include bleed, and to remove the template or make it invisible. You can send the artwork on a separate (and clearly marked) disc or upload to our site. If you have any printouts or proofs of your artwork please send with your master disc.

 A brief note.
Please include your contact information, the main details of your order (a printout of a quote from our price calculator for example) and shipping instructions if applicable.If you have a specific completion date requirement you should have already discussed this with us, but please also include a reminder of this. Also please state whether you want us to hold on to your source materials (in case of additional orders) or if you want them returned with your product.

a) Credit Card - We accept visa, Mastercard and American Express.
b) Debit - if picking up from our shop
c) Personal Cheque or Money Order

 Don’t forget to take care of any licensing requirements.
Please read our FAQ for more information.

Questions? Give us a call at 902.469.3423, or email